What to do if you do not receive your W2!

Missing your W2? Every year around this time we start receiving phone calls from troubled employees wanting to know what to do if their employer has not sent their W2 form  The following are some suggestions as outlined on the irs.gov website: Contact your employer.   It may be possible that they forgot to mail your Read more about What to do if you do not receive your W2![…]

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FMLA Says Be Quiet!

FMLA:  Disclosing an Employee’s Medical Condition is NOT a Good Idea! In a recent FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) case before the Court, an employee suffered from urinary complications.  Obviously, this was a sensitive medical condition that the employee did not want his peers or employer to know about.  However, because he was required to Read more about FMLA Says Be Quiet![…]