December 10, 2015

CT Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

NOTZ|HR offers On-site or Off-site Connecticut Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual HarassmentWhy Notz|HR?

The rules and regulations of the State of Connecticut require sexual harassment training that includes a 2-hour mandatory training, but it also MUST include an in-person question and answer section.  This cannot be accomplished by utilizing online seminars!  Don’t find out after the fact that you were not legally compliant!

The State of Connecticut Commission on Human Rights reports a 35% increase in discrimination complaints from FY2012 to FY2015.  Of note, 575 employees filed sexual harassment claims last year alone.

Many Companies do not realize that the State of Connecticut legally requires all companies with 50 or more employees to provide their employees with a mandatory 2-hour sexual harassment training course.  This includes partners, managerial and supervisory employees in its employ for at least thirteen consecutive weeks during a training year (Training Year is October 1st – September 30th).  While the State of Connecticut mandates such training to those companies with 50 or more employees, you should be aware as an employer that you are subject to sexual harassment liability under State law with as little as three (3) employees!  Ensuring your staff is knowledgeable and trained about the do’s and don’ts in the workplace can protect you from costly litigation and liability.

The State of Connecticut follows strict guidelines on what must be included in the mandated sexual harassment training sessions. Notz|HR will ensure your company personnel are provided with the necessary training that meets these guidelines.

Participants will learn to….

  • Understand Connecticut law as it relates to what is defined as sexual harassment
  • Recognize various types of workplace harassment
  • Understand the personal, professional and legal consequences of workplace harassment
  • Become aware that even subtle acts, behaviors and words may be deemed sexually harassing
  • Employee will understand their reporting procedures and Managers and Supervisor will understand their role in acting on such complaints
  • A question and answer session will ensure your employees understand the laws.


In doubt that you need to provide this training?

July 21, 2014 –  The University of Connecticut will pay nearly $1.3 million to five current and former students to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that accused the university of mishandling allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

 Onsite & Offsite Training is available as follows:

  • Mandatory Connecticut Sexual Harassment Training Course for the Employee.
  • Personalized Supervisor/Manager – Know how Training Course.
  • Notz|HR can tailor any training course to include other topics (Disability discrimination, Harassment in general, Fragrance in the workplace, Workers’ Compensation, Family Medical Leave, comprehensive employee review of your company policies & procedures, etc.).
Yes it is Mandatory for your employees, managers and supervisors to know the basics of what is sexual harassment, but are your Supervisor and Managers trained and ready to respond to such a complaint? Does your business have a comprehensive policy to respond to these types of complaints?
Do not let an untrained manager or supervisor put your business at risk of liability for his/her failure to respond accordingly.  Notz|HR is available for one-on-one and/or a group setting round-table to review, revise, educate and consult with your management staff.  Educate and put an end to harassment in the workplace.  Notz|HR can do that!