February 10, 2016

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbook manual on a desktop with glasses and a mechanical pencil

(Yes, you need one!)

It is important to realize that the society we live in today is an extremely litigious one, meaning that any dispute in the workplace could potentially lead to litigation. A well written employee handbook however, can help eliminate such claims and/or provide the basis for valuable defensive arguments when defending against such claims.

In the employment context, disputes between employees and employers increasingly end up in litigation as a result of the many employment statutes that have been enacted in the last few decades.  Thus, it is in every employer’s best interest to protect themselves from potential litigation by using every resource available.  An employee handbook for example is one tool that can aid employers to defend against such claims. In addition to being a litigation prevention tool, an employee handbook serves also proactively to confirm and reinforce company policies.

If benefits, policies and procedures of a company are not administered in a consistent manner, employers may be vulnerable to claims of discrimination!

What will an Employee Handbook do for your Company:

  • Ensure compliance with vital laws and regulations including:
    • State/Federal/Dept. of Labor
      • All Employers MUST notify their employees of a variety of state and federal disclaimers which are the backbone of your organizations employee handbook, these include:
        • At will Employment disclaimer
        • Equal Employment Opportunity statement
        • Sexual Harassment/Harassment disclaimer
        • Fair Labor Standards status (wage, over-time)
        • National Labor Relations disclaimer
        • CT Sick Leave Law Policy
        • American’s with Disability Act/Accommodations
        • Family Medical Leave/Military Leave
  • Set forth clear and precise expectations
  • Communicate work rules clearly and effectively
  • Provide a vital litigation prevention tool
  • Protect both the employer and employee
  • Assist the Employer in establishing workplace violations for unemployment hearings.

NOTZ|HR comes with 24 years of Human Resources compliance experience, headed by Mica M. Notz, who not only holds a degree in Human Resources, but who has performed for the last 24 years as an Employment Law Paralegal performing as an  Administrative representative at the various administrative forums (CHRO, EEOC, DOL).  Notz|Hr knows what you need to protect you and your company!  Notz|HR composes employee handbooks that are specifically tailored to YOUR business and the laws and legalities that are specific to the type of business you operate.  Our fees are a set fee depending on the size of your organization.  We will personally meet with you to discuss your business, your goals and work with you to compose a company specific employee handbook that will not only protect you from the potential for costly litigation, but put into place safe-guards such as non-compete and confidentiality provisions, proper reporting procedures, ensure key company policies, communicate benefits and company specific goals and missions.

Gives us a call to set up an appointment to have us come meet with you to discuss your HR needs.